2014 Congressional Election

Jack Freudenheim for Congress 2014

New Jersey
Twelfth Congressional District

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Are you tired of the job Congress has done? I am! Nothing has changed in years. We can do a better job, and we should. With your vote and our voice, we and make a diffence. I will Start the Conversation for compromise to make Washington work for you.

Hello and welcome. My name is Jack Freudenheim and I am running to be your representative for Twelfth Congressional District of New Jersey. The political climate in Washington is unstable. Everyone is looking for change. The public holds the power in their vote to make that change. I am running for Congress for New Jersey Twelfth District to make a difference. I will be the catalyst to create a better climate. With your help we can make that happen and collectively make a difference, the “Collective Difference.”

I directly ask for the help of the voters of New Jersey’s Twelfth Congressional District because I am an Independent candidate with nominal funding. I would like to believe that a common everyday citizen can be elected to the office of Congress, that one doesn’t need to be rich or have a large financial campaign “war chest” of money in order to win an election. I am reaching out to my electorate through technology, the most cost effective means as possible. I have high hopes and expectations that the size of my campaign fund will not affect my ability to be elected. I will produce positive and effective results once in office.

I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I will bring a common sense approach to Washington. I am an Independent and am not swayed by party platforms that seem to divide our lawmakers. I will bridge the aisles of Congress to work expeditiously on passing laws that matter most. I will be focused without diluting laws with unnecessary and unrelated issues.

My priorities for New Jersey’s Twelfth Congressional District are education, job creation, and domestic energy development. Focusing on these issues will effectively strengthen our economy, society, and emerge with energy independence. Please review my web site to understand why I am the appropriate choice for your Congressional representative!
Vote for Jack Freudenheim on November 4, 2014.

Current Congressional Environment

Issues are being decided on party lines rather than for the benefit of the American people regardless of political alliance. Lawmakers in Washington need to focus on the priorities for the improvement of our society as a whole. Bring our educational, economic, and social environments to higher standards putting the United States back on track as a leader in the world. It will not happen overnight, but can start one lawmaker at a time.

You have a choice and you can invoke your right to vote to make a “Collective Difference” in Washington by voting for a logical common sense choice for Congress. Vote for Jack Freudenheim on November 4, 2014.

Please join our efforts to elect Jack Freudenheim for Congress.
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